Here at Iconogram Group, we’re passionate about doing everything we can to help businesses thrive online. Our team of content creators, designers and web specialists are committed to providing your company with an unforgettable digital footprint that’s the best possible reflection of your brand. We start by assessing precisely what makes your business singular and unique, analyze the needs your team fulfills, and continue from there to develop a web presence that attracts new clients and keeps existing customers happy. In essence, one of our primary goals for your business is new and enhanced visibility.

It’s no secret that these days, your business’s web presence directly informs your overall growth. Without a concerted effort towards constructing your website and social media, your company could, essentially, atrophy and remain stagnant when it comes to prospective customers. It’s impossible to thrive without a base of followers engaged with your company and interested in what you have to offer. At Iconogram Group, using carefully-developed strategies and imaginative tactics, within the first thirty days we can earn you a substantial increase in clicks, followers, impressions and engagements. With increased visibility, your company will steadily begin to flourish.

In this post, we’ll break down precisely what we can do for your business within the first thirty days of working on your behalf. It’s important to note that these statistics reflect the actual work we’ve done for one of our clients, and the results that we’ve obtained for them within the first thirty days. Keep reading to find out more!

Profile Visits & Increased Followers

Naturally, one of the fundamental aspects of building an effective social media is attracting as many pairs of eyeballs to your profile as possible. Of course, you want a page that entices users to visit and take a look at the content you’re posting. This is basically the very first step towards earning new customers with an interest in your products or services. At Iconogram Group, we’re committed to maximizing your profile visits.

As a matter of fact, our client’s social media page visits increased by 193% within the first thirty days of enlisting the help of Iconogram Group! We achieved this extraordinary increase in visitors by posting content on a daily basis, posting stories regularly, and generating memorable content that enhances the most positive attributes of their business.

In addition to improving the number of profile visitors, we also secured 262 new followers in the first thirty days! At Iconogram Group, we place a high priority on maximizing your followers, however: our focus is not simply on increasing that number for the sake of increasing it. We aim to make sure the followers we gain for you have a genuine interest and enthusiasm for your products or services. We want your followers to engage, discuss and participate in your social media, and those are the people we target. Essentially, it’s all about building a community, not just gaining followers who won’t have a positive impact on your social media.

Engagements & Impressions

Like we said: our aim is to build a community that will benefit your business. Therefore, we take several measures to refine your social media pages in order to make them as impactful as possible. An engagement describes any action that a user takes on your social media page, actions like sharing posts, “likes” and comments. Increased engagements means an increase in enthusiastic, avid participants with a genuine interest in what you have to offer – in short: it means that your social media is succeeding.

After thirty days of managing this client’s social media, their page engagements increased by 13.6K%. That’s right, you read that correctly. We pulled out all the stops to inspire users to visit and engage with their social media, and the results were a rapid, astronomical improvement. With a few calculated efforts, we managed to absolutely revolutionize the number of users taking an interest in their business’s page.

We also saw significant increases in the number of impressions we obtained, or the amount of people we managed to reach. Impressions, in essence, describes the users who saw the photos, videos, content, stories or any other post we shared on their page. Each week saw steadily escalating numbers of page impressions, ranging from 4,200-5,500 people per week! And this is just the first thirty days. As we continue to manage your social media for you, these numbers will only grow substantially greater over time.

Content Creation

One of the most important principles of social media management is the content created for your page. Without high-quality content, it’s difficult (impossible, really) to see increases in followers, engagements, impressions, etc. That’s why, at Iconogram Group, our team is committed to generating unforgettable content that yields the best possible results for your business. Our writer, designers and content creators first determine precisely what kind of material will benefit your brand the most, then develop a plan for your page that’s sure to inspire as many enthusiastic followers as possible. We also refine the content based on the specific platform – for example, for Instagram we curate the most captivating imagery, on Facebook we share everything from relevant news to inventive blog posts, and so on.

The radical increases in followers, engagements, visitors and impressions can be attributed to the photos, videos, blog entries and timeline posts we shared on their social media. Rather than over-saturating the online landscape with mediocre content simply to increase visibility (a common mistake many amateur companies make, which always backfires spectacularly) we only post sharp, visionary and unique material in order to help your page stand out. At Iconogram Group, we’re committed to gaining results on your behalf with integrity, as this is what will ultimately win you long-term allegiance from a community of loyal followers.

Conclusion – Iconogram Group

If these are the kinds of results we can achieve within the first thirty days, imagine what Iconogram Group can do for you on a long-term basis! We’re passionate about providing businesses with social media pages that serve as a captivating, dynamic extension of their company. And we’ll collaborate with you every step of the way to make sure you’re as thrilled with the results as we are. No modern business can afford to neglect their web presence, but at Iconogram Group we’ll pull out all the stops to make sure it’s an exceptional reflection of your brand.

To get started with Iconogram Group, contact us today!