No business can afford to ignore the power of social media. At Iconogram Group, we utilize countless tools to develop a very specific social media for you and your company that gains followers, generates unforgettable content and ultimately improves revenue. Now that we’re more than halfway through 2020, every business should develop a social media plan for the next four months. Using social media to fortify your brand is a given these days. Every business from a lemonade stand to a Wall Street hedge fund has a Facebook or Instagram page. It’s about as crucial to the success of your web presence as your website or online store.
When it comes to planning your social media strategy, you can easily begin to feel overwhelmed. Honestly, this isn’t uncommon. Many business owners have a grand vision for their social media but haven’t the first clue where to start. Usually, in these cases, this leads to severe procrastination and long-term inaction. Before you know it, a whole year or more passes with a stagnant and ineffective social media page.
And the fact of the matter is, many business owners are brilliant at what they do. However, they simply lack the sort of contemporary online finesse they need to manage their own social media pages. There’s nothing wrong with this, and that’s why we’re here – to give you an unforgettable social media so you don’t have to worry about it.
In this post, we’ll identify and discuss the six most basic ways we build a brilliant social media strategy to strengthen your brand. With these, we’ll establish a prominent and effective web presence on your behalf.

1. Identify a Goal

Obviously, this makes the perfect first step to any marketing strategy. Before we begin posting and sharing content, we figure out what exactly you want to accomplish. Your goal shouldn’t be what kind of content you want to post. You should ask yourself what you want the world to learn about you and your services.
So before anything, we’ll consult with you to establish what you want your followers and customers to learn. Do you want to share information on your products and services? Or are you aiming to improve your sales?
It’s okay to have more than one goal in mind for your social media. However, it’s definitely good practice to reign it in a little, and try to maintain focus on a select few. Once you provide us with this critical information, we take it to step two.

2. Establish Your Voice

Once we have your goals established, the next step is figuring out how to achieve them. This involves your brand’s “voice.” Your voice is borne out of the content we’ll post on your page. Essentially, we’ll need to plan precisely what it is your business will be sharing with the world.
Some of the most popular content shared by businesses are their blog posts. They often describe their products and services in great detail. Another option is to share articles or posts written by others that are relevant to your field. Many companies share “behind the scenes” videos introducing their staff and practices to their audience. At Iconogram Group, we can collaborate with you to create content that showcases your products and work in a very distinctive way that captures the attention of followers and prospective customers.
When we’re establishing your brand’s voice, we’ll figure out what the tone will be. Do you want your content humorous, quirky or offbeat? Do you want to remain serious and ultra-professional? Usually, this is what dictates the content we’ll be posting on your behalf. Once we know your desired tone, we’ll know precisely what fits your page.

3. Participate in the Cultural Conversation

This isn’t necessarily considered a critical part of social media strategy by everyone. However, at Iconogram Group we think it’s an advisable tactic. Also, this is very much a part of establishing your brand’s voice as well as the appropriate content. Plus, it’s a fantastic way to give your page advanced visibility.
If there’s a certain topic that’s dominating headlines and hashtags at the moment, we’ll take advantage of it. We’ll comment on it while working in your brand or products. Obviously, we avoid hot-button issues that are super sensitive or politically charged. If it’s something that’s bound to be incendiary or offensive, then we’ll steer clear of it. We don’t want an ugly discourse taking place right on your social media page.

4. Determine Your “Schedule”

Part of our ultimate goal will involve how often your page produces and shares content. Essentially, your social media schedule will be embedded into our daily itinerary. We’ll have a specific allocation of time designated solely to your social media.
We’re not just determining how often we’ll be producing content. We’ll also decide how often we’ll be engaging with customers and followers on your behalf, answering messages and replying to comments. Ultimately, depending on your goals and specific requests, we’ll produce enough content to keep followers and clients attentive and engaged.

5. Choose Your Best Platforms

This may come as a surprise, but not every social media platform may work for your business. Nowadays, there are a lot to choose from. But part of our strategy will be figuring out which ones can best represent you and your brand.
Before establishing accounts with these platforms, we’ll do some research. We’ll look into which platforms are the ideal match for your business. Obviously, your best fit depends on your business, your requests and your social media goals. For example: Twitter is considered the best platform for electronic and tech industries. Many tech influencers have built an online community sharing products, links and news out of Silicon Valley. Pinterest is the perfect option for the food industry. Many aspiring chefs use it to post photos of their products and share their recipes.
Ultimately, this decision depends on you, your business, your audience and your goals.

6. Engage Your Audience

Before the Internet revolutionized the way we do everything, we relied on telephones alone to contact businesses. Nowadays, the average consumer has several ways to get in touch with a company. One of those methods is to post on a company’s social media page.
The more web-savvy businesses place a high priority on responding to these comments swiftly, politely and professionally. Basically, this is the way to go, and this is how we do it. We also have a very specific means of dealing with negative feedback on your social media page. For many businesses, customers can often have a bad experience and vocalize their unabashed opinions online.
Obviously, there’s a huge temptation for you to teach unpleasant customers a lesson. However, this is definitely a bad idea. We always resolve these issues as courteously, politely and considerately as possible. If it’s a comment on your Facebook or Instagram, all of your other customers can see it, too. They’ll be looking to see how your business replies to complaints or discrepancies. That’s why we’re determined to resolve these issues in a way that reflects beautifully on you and your brand.
In our professional experience, it’s just as important to acknowledge the customers who share their enthusiasm and positivity. We show appreciation for their kindness with heartfelt comments, or even promo codes for discounts on your products (if you approve). It’s never a bad idea to reward the customers who are willing to publicly share their positive feedback.


If you own a business, establishing a legitimate social media presence is a fantastic way to increase visibility and gain more customers. Nowadays, it’s considered an indispensable tool and part of the most basic online survival kit.
Ultimately, our methods can only help your business thrive. Putting them to use is the best way to bring your social media vision to fruition. Iconogram Group employs all of these tactics plus many, many more to carve out a monumental corner of the Internet for your business. These are the most basic ways we give your business a magnificent online presence – but there are a lot more advanced techniques we rely on to give you an unforgettable social media.

Written by:
William Buhagiar