From coast to coast, businesses throughout the country have had to endure a lot of adversity this year. Everything from corporate conglomerates to independent mom-and-pop shops have had to make rapid, spontaneous adjustments to their businesses in order to survive the challenges of COVID-19. With unprecedented safety measures in place like social distancing, lockdowns and occupancy restrictions, most companies are jumping through numerous hoops daily in order to keep themselves afloat. However, if we’re capable of anything collectively as human beings, it’s the unique ability to respond to hardships with innovation.

As we’re continuously being presented with obstacles, we consequently figure out creative ways to conquer them. At Iconogram Group, our ability to establish exceptional digital footprints for our clients isn’t just a way to give you a memorable web presence. It’s also one of the most insightful survival tactics for businesses struggling to cope with the hardships of COVID-19. Iconogram Group and our team of web experts are fully equipped to help your business adapt to these new circumstances and provide you with the means to flourish in adverse conditions. In this post, we’ll discuss precisely how we can help you. Keep reading for more information!

1. Creating an Online Store

Countless businesses have built a sterling reputation on their exceptional products or services. Within their communities, they’re the consummate pros at what they do. However, since they’ve had no trouble succeeding with their stores over the years, they’ve never had a need to sell their products on the Internet. Therefore, they don’t have a website with an online store. Nowadays, with social distancing, constantly changing safety regulations and many people reluctant to leave their homes, brick-and-mortar stores are suffering. The most effective way to counteract this is by establishing an online store, and we can help you build it.

Developing a user-friendly online shop requires a team of dedicated pros to make sure you don’t just have a functional platform to sell, but that shoppers are actually compelled to buy. At Iconogram Group, our team of developers and designers will create an unforgettable interface for your store that’s the best possible reflection of your brand. Above all, our primary goal will be to provide you with an online platform that ensures your business can continue to thrive despite the hardships of COVID-19. Without an online store to sell your products to shoppers, you’re missing out on a critical opportunity to make sales and move inventory. We can make that happen for you at Iconogram Group.

2. Maintaining Your Social Media

Even when we’re not dealing with a global pandemic, establishing an unforgettable social media page for your business is absolutely critical. However, with the recent COVID-19 crisis, the importance of social media has only doubled. Nowadays, web-savvy businesses worldwide rely on it as an indispensable digital marketing tool. Even savvier businesses enlist help from the pros to give them a social media worth following – pros like the team at Iconogram Group!

The role a social media can play in a business’s success is truly astounding. Companies with a paltry customer base and limited visibility can develop an incredible following virtually overnight with a well-executed Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. It’s not just a great way to market your products and services in memorable ways – it’s also the best way to build a community of like-minded followers with enduring loyalty to your company.

At Iconogram Group, we rely on a proven system of quality content and strategic engagement (plus many more tactics) to promote your brand in a way that resonates with people on the largest possible scale. We guarantee a considerable increase in clicks, followers, engagements and prospective customers with long-term, enduring results. Whereas unscrupulous digital marketing companies focus on short-term results that ultimately damage your business’s visibility in the long term, at Iconogram Group we place a prominent focus on helping your business’s social media flourish for many years to come.

3. Keeping Your Community Informed

Since COVID-19 has created an unprecedented kind of instability and uncertainty for every business, it’s never been more important to keep your community informed. At Iconogram Group, we can provide you the ability to reach out to as many people as possible in order to keep them updated on critical information.

With your own online platform, we’ll ensure your followers and clientele remain informed on everything from closings to reopening, safety measures, updated policies, product availability, store hours and anything else you might wish to share with them. Right now, it’s vital to your survival to remain in touch with your customers and community, and at Iconogram Group we’ll make sure they’re never in the dark about anything.

Conclusion – Iconogram Group

Naturally, there are countless other ways we can help your business thrive online and survive COVID-19. It’s never been more important to have an extraordinary digital footprint, and at Iconogram Group we’re passionate about giving each of our clients a web presence that serves their business, their brand and most importantly, their customers.

For more information on Iconogram Group or our services, contact us today!