At Iconogram Group, our team of talented analysts, content creators, writers and editors operate with one central goal in mind: to provide your business with the best possible web presence. Most business owners know just how important it is to market their products or services online – digital marketing is officially the most effective way to promote your brand these days. Therefore, it’s imperative to develop a web presence that’s the very best reflection of your business. While using social media may seem like a fairly basic practice, at Iconogram Group we know what an intricate science is involved in building a thriving digital marketing campaign.
Our team studiously analyzes every facet of your business and your brand identity in order to develop strategies and techniques that captivate users and inspire customer loyalty. 74% of modern consumers make purchases through social media. Therefore, establishing a successful digital footprint is now more important than ever. Like we said: it’s an intricate science, and no detail, however seemingly trivial, can afford to be overlooked. This includes everything from the tone of your captions to the frequency of your posting, and even the use of color.
As human beings, we’re visual creatures, and optical stimulation plays a major role in how we operate, whether we’re aware of it or not. As a matter of fact, even the most subtle visual influences can play a significant role in the way we go about making decisions. For example: did you know that the famous McDonald’s red-and-yellow color scheme was a careful, deliberate choice? That’s right – McDonald’s executives chose this particular combination because it has a subconscious, but significant, effect on our psyches – it both stimulates our appetites and infuses us with a sense of welcome and optimism. Also, as an added bonus, it reminds us of ketchup and mustard.
At Iconogram Group, when deliberating on the most effective digital marketing strategies for your business, we also take the use of color into careful consideration. In this post, we’ll break down the impact of color in web content and how different colors can influence consumers. Keep reading to find out more!

Color & Our Brains

The way that color affects our psyches isn’t just a theory. In fact, there have been numerous studies that prove it has a quantifiable impact on our brains. A recent study in the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science examined the science behind how human beings interpret and process color. It also explored the way that modern marketing agencies utilize color psychology to influence consumers.
The study found that colors have a massive impact on the way our brains store and process memories, which starts at a very young age. The more competent businesses and digital marketing agencies apply color in order to direct us towards making purchases every day.
Another study found that a business’s social media conversion rates increased by 21% simply by changing the color of their buttons from green to red. That’s right – their conversion rates experienced a measurable increase by doing nothing except for changing the color of their buttons. And that’s the power of color in influencing human behavior.

What Colors Can Do For Your Brand Identity

So now that we know the power of color when it comes to marketing, the question is: how do you know which colors to use for your business? It’s understandable that you may initially be tempted to simply choose your favorite color for your logo or social media. It’s your favorite color for a reason, and you’ll probably think it looks best in your digital imagery. However, even though it’s difficult to accept, the truth is that your personal color preference may not actually be the best representation of your brand, or the color most likely to produce the results you’re looking for.
So how do you know which color is most likely to play a positive role in your social media? Below, we’ve listed some of the most popular colors and the feelings they tend to evoke in consumers. With this information, we can help you to develop the absolute best (and most effective) identity for your business and its digital content.

Blue: This color tends to have a serene, calming effect on people. It’s also associated with wisdom, strength and trust. Facebook and Twitter use blue to represent unity and a reliable place to stay connected with friends.
Red: Red is a color that has a powerful effect on our psyches – it’s a color of power, passion and excitement. It can instill a sense of leadership, energy and innovation and urgency – that’s why it’s often used on sports cars and lingerie.
Yellow: Most people associate yellow with a sense of joy, optimism, intellect and positivity. It’s also the color that tends to be the most distinct in most peoples’ minds, so it will most likely get their attention. It’s also commonly associated with happiness and fun.
Green: Most consumers associate green with a feeling of peace, a sense of quality, health, growth and freshness. Others may instantly think of money, commerce, wealth and finance. A lot of companies use green to establish a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness.
Black: While black may seem a counterintuitive color choice, because of the possible negative associations of evil, coldness and oppression, it can also be enormously powerful. When most of us see black executed properly in marketing, we think of luxury, elegance, sophistication, high quality and a feeling of exclusivity.
Purple: Traditionally, purple evokes a feeling of creativity, royalty, imagination and even a sense of mystery. Businesses looking to project a feeling of an imaginative culture often use purple in their color scheme. It also helps to instill a feeling of serenity and trust, which, when combined with feelings of creativity and imagination, can be enormously positive for your business.

Conclusion – Iconogram Group

In order to establish the very best digital image for your business, at Iconogram Group, color is, without a doubt, a significant step towards building your identity. We’ll collaborate with you every step of the way to ensure we’re evoking just the right image, an image that will produce the desired results. While color is undeniably important, we’ll also take steps to engage loyal, organic followers and generate high-quality content to keep your web presence active and relevant.
For more information on Iconogram Group or our services, contact us today!